Friday, January 25, 2008

The Job Search Continues

Who would have thought that I would still be sitting here, two weeks after I left my job, still waiting on an answer from a job I interviewed for? Such is the turn of events that is my life. Un-freakin-real.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year! 2008 Resolutions...

Resolutions. We hear we should make them, we hear we should keep them, we hear 50% of people don't. So why bother?

I'll admit, I fell off the wagon over Christmas. If you count Christmas as December 1 - 31. I went to the gym maybe twice? And I ate. Oh boy did I eat. That's the bad thing about Christmas, is the food. It's so....fat. But it's so GOOD. We were busy every weekend, with parties, and visiting friends, and my birthday smack dab in the middle there.

But now it's the new year. It's two thousand effing eight! How did that happen? Chris and I met before the new millenium even begun, and now we're 8 years into it!

So I got back on the wagon. I'm on a new low GI (Glycemic Index) eating plan, and I am back at the gym. Along with this new attitude will soon come a new job. I gave my notice to my current employer on November 30th. My last day will be January 11th. I know, I'm a nice girl, I let them find someone and I am staying for a week to train. Can we say "dragging our feet"?

So I have an interview tomorrow and I am super excited about it. Wish me luck faithful readers!