Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Making Me Smile

You should know by now that I am a huge proponent of foster adoption.  As such, I am in touch with others who are interested in foster adoption, or who happen to be going through it.

One of those internet friends posted today that her paperwork is all in to her adoption agency, and they are getting into their Home Study phase!  I was so excited for her - it really made my day to read that.

It's been a tough few days for me.  And I think that God knew I needed to read some good news.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We had our fifth visit yesterday.  The Cinco.  Our social worker commented that she can see a huge difference in both of the kids - especially W.  He used to have a lot of anxiety whenever someone would come to the house to see the kids.  Now, he looks forward to Miss Emily's visits, and has become very comfortable with her.

In the mail yesterday we received our Legal Fee Agreements.  These pieces of paper are very important as they are the LAST AND FINAL pieces that we need to finalize the adoption.  We pick an attorney, forward the signed agreements to him, and he helps us get the show on the road!

I talked with him tonight and what a nice man.  Encouraging, informative, and positive.  He loves doing these cases, and is excited to be a part of our process.

We're in the home stretch!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A-Ball Observations...

After a few rough starts, cancelled games, and rainy and muddy fields, it looks as though Captain Distraction is getting into a pretty good groove of practice on Monday, games on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

I don't usually go to practices on Mondays, that's daddy and son time.  I imagine things happen at practice that would make most moms mad at their husbands, you know, for yelling? At the precious?  And so it consists of the dads, and the sons.

Game times are a completely different story.  I am constantly amused at games, because gosh darn if these kids are not the cutest freaking things playing baseball.  Ever.  Amen.

We have two main coaches, and then two dads that assist.  My husband happens to be an assist coach.  So before the game, one of the coaches hands each assist a sheet of paper that shows where each kid will be playing each inning.  Each assist chooses an area of the field to help with (outfield or infield) and they take the kids on their list each inning. 

So this is how it goes:  Coach Chris yells out three boy's names.  All three run to him like there's a clown with a knife chasing them, screaming for what position they want.  "I want first, FIRST, FFFIIIIIIIRRRRRSSSSSTTTTTT!!!!" is what you hear usually at the infield coach. 

Once they get to play at first, the chalk line, the grass, and the butterflies are all WAY more interesting than being in 'ready position'.  Twirling, staring at your mitt, or checking out the kids on the playground behind left field are much easier tasks than say, focusing on the ball.  I especially love the kids that will watch the ball go by them, and stare at the rest of their team as they try to cover that position.  Like he's watching a movie, and thinking 'Heh.  Check it out - they're all trying to get this kid out that just hit the ball right to me that I ignored and now he's running to - oh hey!  Congrats, dude!  You're safe!'  All the while the sideline parents are yelling to the kid to GET! THE! BALL! AND GO! TO! FIRST!  Ah, the joys of being an A-Ball mom.

My son, in particular, will take a pitch, and when he doesn't hit it, will look over at me.  DON'T LOOK AT ME SON, LOOK AT THE BALL!  For the LOVE!

I once told W that when he is playing in the field, and the ball is heading for him, that he needs to pretend that if he doesn't catch it, the world will end.  He would stand in the same spot, and expect that the ball come to his glove like a moth to a flame.  Yeah, it doesn't quite work like that.  So once I told him this, his FEET started propelling him towards the ball.  Miracle of miracles!  He made a few great catches!  One time he missed, losing the ball in the sun, and looked over at me and started making excuses.  I simply said 'No excuses!' and he grinned and played on.

He trotted off the field and said, loudly, 'Mom!  I catched the ball because it would blow up the world!"  Fantastic, son.  Please avoid using that phrase at the airport.  Thanks.

He's quite the good hitter.  Once he connects, he can drop the ball into short right field.  He's very proud of himself when he makes it all the way home.  And overall, we as parents are simply encouraging and uplifting.  W told me the other day that he LOVES baseball.  Let's hope he keeps that love alive.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More on that in a minute...

W is a jokester - and he has no idea that he's so funny.  Some recent examples:

*Apparently he and daddy were watching the baseball game the other day (natch) and the "muffin-top lose weight" commercial came on.  W pulled his shirt up, and proceeded to poke and pull and prod, trying to see where his muffin top was.  And also, he doesn't have one.

Meanwhile, daddy is watching him do this, trying really hard not to laugh and asks him: Do you have a muffin top?  W answers: No, dad!  To which my husband replies: And that's good kiddo.

*One of our nicknames for him is 'Captain Distraction'.  He's 7, and in possession of a penis, so he is predisposed to being distracted easily.  He will rush in to wherever his dad and I are (usually in the kitchen), all the way from his bedroom in the northeast wing of the manse (20 feet away), and need to tell us something "rightnowcan'twait...!!!!one!11".

We stand there, waiting, and we get... 'Oh, I forgot'.  Not even kidding.  It's actually hilarious.

*Mornings are sometimes a challenge is he hasn't gotten his alloted eleventy-nine hours of sleep.  I find myself saying 'Oh W' a lot.  Every morning. And he usually responds with 'Oh mom!'. 

*We will discuss something at the dinner table, and no sooner has the last syllable left my breath that he will ask a question about what we JUST. TALKED. ABOUT.

i.e. I will say 'and then we will put away our laundry' and he will say 'do I have to put away my laundry' - but not in the oh ma, do I hafta? sense... more of the I wasn't listening to a word of that, but I just realized my laundry is still on my bed.  I should ask mother if I should go forth and putteth away my laundry sense.  At least, that's how *I* think it goes in his head.  It has to.  The stuff he doesn't hear amazes me.

*Which brings me to - the stuff he hears versus the stuff he doesn't hear.  Take example A, above about the laundry - that's a 'not hear'.  I sit across from or next to him at each meal (depending on who's turn it is to sit where).  So, what?  Max: four feet; Min: poking me violently in the left boob with each bite. 

Let me whisper something to his father, while W is downstairs and around the corner, watching the city street department jackhammer the sidewalk, about anything pertaining to: ice cream, playing, vacation, or the Wii, and he hears it clear as day, like I hijacked the neighborhood ice cream truck and violated their bullhorn.

He cracks me up every day.  Even when he throws one of his W Special Tantrums.  Of course, in the middle of it, I'm asking myself how much room is on the credit card and if I can get to the airport in time for the last Cabo flight.  (I can. I pack QUICKLY). 

Truth: I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

And also - I found the BESTEST book EVAH for those of you who have little ones that fight the sleep.  I hear that between the ages of 2 and 6 is the worst.  I wouldn't know.  Yes, you can hate me now.  K was a DREAM sleeper during that time, and so are J and W now.  I don't know what J and W were like when they were between the ages of 2 and 6, so I have no frame of reference other than to say that they are GREAT now.  They go to bed, no muss, no fuss. 

Anyway - read it.  It's funny.  If even a little irreverent.  And it has a lot of F-bombs.  I'm just warning you now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND: Five Universal Laws of Mornings

I had an unusually rough morning this morning. W decided to throw a fit about his choice of clothing. Yes, I said HIS choice.

Then there was this little thing called 'DUMB' at the dentist where they 'forgot' to check me in when I arrived at 8:50 for his 9:00 appt. And while I sat there IN THE WAITING ROOM, they called my house at 9:20 to ask where I was. They finally took him back at 9:55, but only after I had to have a little conversation with one of the managers. And I hadn't even KNOWN about the phone call to my house yet.

So it is with great pleasure that I direct you to this blog here. It's funny, it's irreverant, it's everything I want to be when I grow up. And this post that I've referenced? Classic. Timeless. And if you're a mom, TRUE. Read on dear reader. It's hysterical.

RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND: Five Universal Laws of Mornings: "What is it about the morning routine? Why can't we get through one measly cup of coffee and *possibly* the gossip section of the paper befor..."

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Planning a Vacation Celebration!

The title of this blog is 'Working For Vacation'.  And the reason for that is simple.  Before Mr. H and I decided to venture down this road to adoption, we travelled.  A LOT.  We simply viewed our jobs as the means to another fabulous vacation.  We've been to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, all over Mexico (with Cabo being our abso fave), and Hawaii.  We've ventured to Canada and we've managed to put our feet in almost every single state in the Union.

I'm currently barreling down the road to turning 40.  Forty.  Four-Oh!  It's hard for me to get my mind wrapped around.  I don't feel forty.  But what does forty feel like?  Is there a manual?  A description?  Should I start wearing elastic-waisted pants?  (That would be a resounding NO ghost rider).

In addition, we're also barreling down the road to the finalization of the adoption.  Our fifth home visit is this month, and our sixth is in June.  That's the magic visit - that June visit.  That is the visit where our Social Worker will write on her report: Recommend to Finalize.

At that time, a recommendation will be forwarded to the judge in the kid's case for finalization.  And seeing as they just had the kids' yearly hearing on the 5th of May, he's in quite the hurry to get this show on the road.

As is their social worker, their CASA, their lawyer, and our social worker.  And them.  And us.  And everyone who has been close to us during this long and arduous journey we've been on.

So where was I? Oh yes - so we get the recommendation to finalize.  And knowing that the government moves at the speed of a paralyzed turtle, I'm expecting a court date in either August or September.  Hopefully sooner, but PLEASE not later.

Which means, we can apply for their passports, and get to CELEBRATING!

We're vacillating between an all-inclusive in Mexico (either Puerto Vallarta or Cabo), or a cruise to the Mexican Riviera - which would give us PVR and SJD, as well as a good time on a boat.  Chris and I did the Mexican Riviera cruise in January 09, and it was pretty fun.  I wouldn't get off the boat in Mazatlan again, but there's plenty to do aboard the ship.

There's not much of a price difference between the vacations, airfare included.  The big pro to the boat is that we get to see more of Mexico.

So right now, that's what I've been doing.  Looking at options, tweaking our budget to save the $$ to do it with cash, and praying to my Lord and Savior that He comes through (as He has this entire time) and makes this happen.

Celebrate.  Good times.  Come on!

Mother's Day 2011

I sit here on the eve of Mother's Day.  My 18th Mother's Day.  I have a 17 year old, a 10 year old, and a 7 year old.

My husband has made brunch plans for all of us for tomorrow.  I bought my daughter a new dress to wear.

I tucked them into bed and she sweetly whispered to me 'Happy Mother's Day mommy.  I love you.'  The quiet whisper from her sleepy lips.  The resounding hush of a daughter who, just five months ago, didn't like us to hug her.  And we didn't push it.  She didn't like to be kissed.  And we didn't push her.  She only gave affection when she was getting something in return.  And we didn't push her.

Now she freely gives affection.  Hugs, kisses, bear-grip, rib cracking hugs.  For no reason.  Other than that she has found her home.  Not her temporary home.  Her real home.

I love my children.  I am truly blessed by them.  I am a better person because of them.  And every day, I thank God that He has entrusted me with them.