Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We had our fifth visit yesterday.  The Cinco.  Our social worker commented that she can see a huge difference in both of the kids - especially W.  He used to have a lot of anxiety whenever someone would come to the house to see the kids.  Now, he looks forward to Miss Emily's visits, and has become very comfortable with her.

In the mail yesterday we received our Legal Fee Agreements.  These pieces of paper are very important as they are the LAST AND FINAL pieces that we need to finalize the adoption.  We pick an attorney, forward the signed agreements to him, and he helps us get the show on the road!

I talked with him tonight and what a nice man.  Encouraging, informative, and positive.  He loves doing these cases, and is excited to be a part of our process.

We're in the home stretch!


Tammy said...

With everything going on here in my house, I just wanted to stop and tell you how happy I am for you and your family. It makes me think of where we could be in the near future.

Stina said...

Thanks Tammy. My thoughts are with you right now. It's almost your turn girlfriend!