Sunday, May 29, 2005


Disappointment comes in many forms in our lives. When we are young, our worlds are crushed by the fact that we didn't get a particular toy, or that we didnt get to go to a certain birthday party.

In college, we are disappointed at the fact that not only do we HAVE to take a Poly-Sci class, but it happens to be at 8:00 in the morning.

As adults, we are disappointed by many things. Our jobs, our friends, our husbands, even our children. Disappointment is a way of life, but we never really get used to it.

Such is the situation that The Hub and I recently found ourselves in. After emotionally investing ourselves in a house that we were having built, and through no fault of our own, we found ourselves suddenly losing the house. It was a mathematical error on the part of the loan company, but nonetheless, we were still disappointed. We were thisclose to being homeowners in this beautiful town, and now we are back to square one.

I had been an emotional wreck for about a week, and bitterness and anger were left to creep in. I decided that I couldn't BE that emotional wreck, and that things had to progress. So I picked, myself up, brushed myself off, and moved on.

Ready for the next disappointment.

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C said...

Hey girl, I'm sorry to hear that the house thing fell through. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise and something that better fits you and the hub will come along.
Your are both GREAT people and good things come to good people.

We love and miss you both!
C & B :-)