Friday, May 12, 2006


On a whim and in between phone calls and meetings today I decided to revisit my Blog. Then I realized I haven't blogged in over a month. Well, ok, it's a DAY over a month, but it has still been a while.

So let me catch you up really really quick:

Work, work, work, Puerto Rico, work, work.

Yup, we snuck a quick weekend to PR in there. Chris' birthday was May 3rd and I decided to take him on down. Well, he hooked up the plane tix, and I, well, *I* hooked us up FAT with a hotel PR.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island, full of beautiful, friendly people. They all are bilingual to some extent, with most of them being able to easily transfer between Spanish and English. Even that nice man who insisted on bringing me Midori Pina Coladas (and anyone at our Memorial Day BBQ Bash will get to taste those) and on bringing Chris DonQ and cokes while we lounged poolside for three days was a gem. Nelson was his name. His Spanish was impeccable and his English was really good.

Chris and I did what any fun loving American couple would do while on a short vacation. We sunned. Oh, we did some touristy stuff, but mostly laid by the pool and lounged. And drank. And tanned. And drank. And lounged.

It was a nice preview to our Jamaica T-minus 4 months one week and one day....and counting.

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