Friday, July 02, 2010

I See You!!!

As most bloggers do, I have a stat tracker on this blog. No, it's not like Big Brother, it doesn't tell me your name, or phone number, or even blood type. What it does tell me is how I am getting my blog traffic, and where it may be coming from.

Sometimes I get traffic that comes from my link on my Facebook page. Sometimes it comes from a little message board I hang out at (shout out to the Peas!). And sometimes it comes from email updates I post to friends and family.

Either way, I'm glad you're here! Please stop in and stay a while! And leave a comment - I love them. Well, most of them. Anyway.

Have a great Fourth of July folks!


Mom H said...

Good Morning to you both! I have to say, other than talking with you directly face to face, you write soooo beautifully that I feel like I'm right at home with you both. When I start to get a little melancholy or am anxiously awaiting for the good news, all I have to do is visit your blog. I love you both very much & miss you too! Love Mom H

trace-e said...

You caught me! I read your blog. :-) Love hearing your story. Wish you were still in Jersey so we could meet. I'm in Maryland.