Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Parties

We're ramping up here in the den to have a busy busy weekend.

My mother and father in law fly in Thursday night, and meet the kids in person for the first time.  The kids are so excited!  I told them that since MeMaw and Pawpaw fly in so late that they have to take a nap after school.  They both eagerly agreed.  WHAT?

On Friday, we're having a small party with our family and close friends at the house.  The in-laws used to live here, so they have several friends here.

On Saturday, J has her birthday bash at a local entertainment venue here that has bowling, games, and fun! Oh and beer for the adults!! <-- double

On Sunday, we're headed to one of the best brunches in Portland, right on the Columbia river.

Monday the in-laws have to fly home.  Just a quickie little visit.  But I'm sure not the last one!

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