Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Commonly Referred to as "The Sun". Also Month 4 Reflections.

Sunday was a super-fantastic day at our house.  I say super-fantastic because the SUN! WAS! SHINING! and the kids were out in it ALL! DAY! LONG!

I'm so thankful that the kids have made really good friends in the neighborhood.  Kids that I like them hanging out with.  Kids that are polite, and kind, and that love to be outside as much as they do.  Chris and I were referred to as "Mr. and Mrs. H" this weekend by one of J's friends and I about died.  I simply told her "you can call me Christina" and she said "ok Mrs. H!"  Oy.

Yesterday was a fundraiser for the elementary school that my kids go to at the local burger place - Burgerville.  Well, if I'm any kind of supportive mom, I HAD to go, right?  Of course we did.  Mondays are a hectic night in our house - with baseball and activities - so we usually have a quick dinner anyway.  Burgerville is nice in that it is local, and they use local and fresh foods.  So I felt good about that treat.  We topped it off with Timber Joey shakes (a salute to the Portland Timbers - our very own MLS team!) and the night was complete!

Today is exactly four months since we brought the kids home.  Four months of bonding, and learning each other and the rules, and love.  The kids are doing way better than we ever expected - I think that it is finally sinking in with J that this is her forever home and no matter how much they try and test us, we aren't sending them anywhere (well, except summer camp for a week). 

We've been through our first Christmas together, New Year's, J's birthday, and Spring Break.  They've bonded with their brother SO quickly that it amazes even me.  He's so good with them - not that I didn't think he wouldn't be, but they are 7 and 10 years younger than he is.  They love their grandparents and Skype with them often.  They've even Skyped with their Auntie M and cousin L (my younger sister and nephew). 

We have our monthly visit with our social worker today.  I read her last reports and at the end of each one, she writes "It is the observation of this worker that bonding is progressing well.  W & J appear to be stable in their adoptive home and are ready for the adoption to finalize.  It is this worker's recommendation that the placement of W & J with Chris and Christina continue".  

Wait until she hears about the fit from a week ago.  HA!

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