Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 Pros of Adopting Older Children

Sometimes something will happen in the course of our normal day together that will immediately cause Chris and I to look at each other and simultaneously blurt out 'pro!'.

When we do this, it can be during a meal at a restaurant when our kids are sitting properly and engaging and one table over is a family of spider monkeys hopped up on mountain dew. Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging, I'm thankful. It's at that very moment when I think to myself 'thankful!'.

Or when we're traveling and our kids are keeping up while we expertly navigate the airport with our perfectly packed roller bags and get caught behind a family with two toddlers with a double stroller and all the accoutrements.

So with that background in mind, I (TIC) bring you the Top 10 Pros of Adopting Older Children. Here we go:

10: There is no need to wonder if you've packed enough diapers/wipes/snacks for the 3 minute drive to Target.

9: When trying to determine where to go for dinner, the restaurant that rhymes with 'Yucky Sneezes' never, ever gets a mention.

8: A trip to the zoo does not take 4 hours of prep work, three bottles, 6 bags of snacks, and a stroller.

7: Daycare costs are minimal if at all.

6: Guess who cleans their own room?

5: Four words: sleeping through the night.

4: The willingness to let mommy sleep in sometimes while they read or play quietly in their room.

3: Although not always properly, they always dress themselves.

2: I never fear turning my back and suddenly finding a ten pound bag of flour spread hither and yon across my living room.

And the number 1 pro of adopting older children? The absolute joy we all have in knowing we're a forever family.

Ok so that last one could be for all adoptive families.

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tammy said...

Havent been to your site in awhile, so i thought i would say hi.
Im feeling a little aggravated by people's comments on "why is it taking so long, so & so adopted so quickly?!"especially to those ive schooled on the process.
Thanks for posting this, i am definately looking forward to those perks!