Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday's aren't what they used to be...

So it's 8:44 on a Monday morning and I'm sitting here with my coffee in a quiet house.  My kids are still in bed, which is not so much a stretch for the tween, but for my go-go-go boy, it sure is.  He may be up there playing his DS right now for all I know, but he's still in bed.  Which is weird.

Today is an errand day.  I need to get some groceries, badly.  We went through a lot of stock that I had before we moved, so we wouldn't have to move it all, and now I'm a bit low on some staple items.

Tomorrow we are going to have our very first official visitors!!  My best friend Joni and her two girls are coming up from Phoenix for the day.  She works for an airline as well, so it's easy for them to jump on a plane and come up.  Her oldest and my Jordan hit it off immediately when they first met, which made our hearts SO happy.  And we've decided on an arranged marriage between her youngest and Wyatt.  They've already been informed that they are only allowed to marry each other.  Check THAT off my list!

Wednesday I have to register the kids for school, and then that evening, they are leaving to go to Phoenix for two weeks!  Memaw and Papaw are taking them and they plan on having a blast!  It will be a nice time for all of them to spend together.  They're very excited about it.  As for Chris and I, who knows what we'll do.  I'm thinking I'll be rearranging closets and shelves, putting finishing touches on this house.

And speaking of the house, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be in a large living space again.  A 1,200 square foot townhouse just does not do it for our family. Maybe I was spoiled at the start with our first house in Phoenix, but having all of this room to spread out is much easier on the nerves in our family.  I see families that live in 500 square feet and I just don't know how they do it.  God bless them, that's for sure!  The pool is an added bonus as well.  I don't think the kids have skipped a day of swimming since we moved in!

And finally, I am furiously looking for a job, as I've decided to head back to work.  It was nice having time off with the kiddos last year, being able to shuttle them here, there and everywhere.  And not having a bus system for the school kind of demanded it.  Now that we're back in a metropolis, they will have a bus, and the schedule for their schools will allow me to work and not have to worry too much about getting them places.  Ideally I'd like to have the rest of the summer off, but if something comes along that is too good to pass up, well, you know how that rolls.

And that's all she wrote for now!  Enjoy your week!

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~Just B said...

I've gotten used to the very lazy days of summer. Sleeping late, pool time, late bedtimes. It's gonna suck to change back.