Monday, January 03, 2005

Don't Judge A Cottage

The hub and I are looking for a house to rent. Because of the astronomical housing prices in San Diego, we have all but given up on the fact that we will be able to buy a house larger than our car. Therefore, in the interest of not killing each other and having room for my pillow, we have decided to rent and pay someone else's mortgage for a while.

The back story to all of this is the fact that we were released from our lease early, due to the FIVE complaints I put in writing to our leasing company about the frat boys that live upstairs. They seem to wear shoes made of cement, and like to do dishes while jackhammering new ice sculptures. And that is while they are sober.

So five written complaints and three conferences with the manager later, we are being released from our lease with no repurcussions. It's a funny thing, that Landlord/Tenant Act. They sure don't like you to be familiar with it. Especially that small part about a Tenant's Right To Quiet Enjoyment of their space. Basically, because my complex put in writing that between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. it is quiet time, any excessive noise made during these hours is grounds for violating my Right. They don't like the fact that I made my self familiar with it, but they really didn't have a choice. I happen to be smarter than the average bear, and I like to research stuff. Especially when I am up at 1:27 in the morning because the upstairs neighbor is in the middle of his Touret's Riverdance (translation: screaming profanities while jumping up and down on the floor).

That being said, we are now facing a ticking clock. We need to be out of our digs by January 31, and a lot of what is available right now, people want you IN right now. And since we have been looking, we have noticed really great ways that real estate people, and owners, like to "dress up" their dump.

If the ad says "Quaint One Bedroom Cottage", you can safely assume that it won't be much bigger, nor cleaner, than a McDonald's restroom. Likewise "Quiet, Comfy Condo" means a two bedroom apartment, built in the 30's, that was converted. Conversions are a BIG thing out here, but that's for another story. "Great for Pets" means the yard has about a square foot of grass in it. "Completely Remodeled" means "We threw in a new fridge".

I love old houses, don't get me wrong, but please, just call a spade a spade!

So for now, we continue on our search. Two professional married people, just trying to avoid a $2,600 mortgage payment.

Oh look - "Charming 2 Bedroom Flat, hardwood floors....."


Bitchy Chick said...

Hey Jerzey!

Good luck with your San Diego home search. I know what you mean - most 'affordable' places out here are the size of a postage stamp.

Barbie said...

I am still laughing about Touret's Riverdance! Excellent!