Thursday, January 13, 2005

Life's Lessons Learned

So we found a house. Which is funny, since we were getting so incredibly frustrated with the whole process. We came from a 2,400 square foot brand-spankin'-new house in Phoenix and we just aren't used to having to lower our standards. I'll admit, my husband and I are two of the most picky people you will ever meet when it comes to our standard of living. To be truthful, we are downright snobby about it. We enjoy eating out occasionally (if that means every other day and twice on the weekends), we like to shop for new things, and we like to travel. Most of all, we like to live in "cool" places, like brand new homes or trendy downtown apartment mid-rises with a gated garage, locked and secured front door, and an elevator. An elevator! Lookout Weezy, we're movin' on up!

Enter San Diego, the mighty teacher of "You Cannot Afford Your Snobbiness 101". Little more is humbling as being schooled in the fine art of "Build A Bridge and Get Over Yourself 105" with a lab of "Living Within Your Means 210".

Yes, career-wise this was the best thing we could have done for my husband. It gave him a kick-ass raise, or so we thought at the time, and a great promotion, and left all kinds of opportunities to prove himself ready for advancement. He was simply being swallowed up in Phoenix, and moving here let him shine in the spotlight.

So what happened to that raise? You know, the "kick-ass" one? Let's see. Milk is like $4 a gallon unless you buy them in pairs. Apparently the State of California is trying to help out the dairy farmers (which I am all for). But I am lactose intolerant, and so my husband won't LET me drink masses of cow's milk, due to my *ahem* digestive issues with it. So I drink Soy Milk, he drinks the Moo Juice. And if we had two of those babies in the fridge, well, they would rot.

On top of that, we are paying about $2.35 a gallon for gas, and that includes my diesel for my VW, which by the way, they don't even sell here (the Diesel VW, not the diesel). My dad ranted to me once about how diesel was a by product of the processing of gasoline, so it should be free (he's a trucker) and I agree with him. But I digress. Moving on.

For the sake of argument, our insurance went down. Our housing expense went up, as far as rent is concerned, but our electricity bills went down (the most I paid ALL year was $91! I don't miss AZ because of THAT!!).

But overall, when the husband and I do go out to eat, it's easily $40. Just walking in the door. And that's if no beer or wine is purchased. And that, my friends, is hard not to do, considering we haven't attended "Order Water, It's Cheaper 307".

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