Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Call Noah and Gather the Animals

When my husband asked me about a year and a half ago where I would NOT want to move to, the first word out of my mouth was California, followed by West Virginia. I apologize right now to any West Virginians, as I had just seen the movie Wrong Turn and didn't want to go anywhere near that state.

And California, well, it was just too damn expensive.

So he came home three months later and said "Honey, how about San Diego?" Now, to see my husband, is to love him, and he can have the cutest faces, and well, it's hard to say no to him. Really, really hard. So we put the house up for sale, packed up our game and headed out west, sucka, cause we wanted to be cowboys, baby. Oh wait, that was Kid Rock. Anyway...

So we moved to sunny San Diego. Well, call the mayor, alert the press, and hose down the neighbors, because I want my money back. It has rained here. A Lot. More than Seattle this year. That's right folks, we're beating Seattle in record rainfall this year. And it's only February 23. One year and one day to the date that we made this journey to the land of Sea World and sandy beaches. Tanned bodies and Trader Joe's.

People's houses are sliding down hills. I saw on the news last night a couple in Bel Air had their pool DETACH from the house and slide down the hill. It was actually kinda funny, for a second. Then I felt bad for them. After all, now what are Carlton and Hillary going to do for fun this summer?

But I digress. I am tired of the rain. And in my morning prayers in the shower this morning, I told God I felt enough was enough. This was, of course, after the power went out in my neighborhood, so I had to do my makeup in the dusk, had no hair dryer, and basically felt like crap because I had no coffee. But I said it anyway. And on the way to work, I saw it. Bright and big and plain as day. A rainbow in the sky. There it was in all of it's primary color glory. I hallelujah'ed and praised Jesus like a Baptist woman on Sunday. I even pulled over my car and took pictures with my camera phone.

And I told the Man Himself, I was holding Him to His Promise to not ever flood the earth again.

And all day long, it's been sunny skies. Welcome to San Diego.


Cherry Moon said...

Yeah, and those of us in Arizona are getting YOUR weather!!! Stop it already!!

:LOL: I loved this entry.

rikapopika said...

Oh Jerzey, what can I say. We all seem doomed to this dreary weather which i do believe many of us moved to get away from. Anyone? I know it was a huge reason I left Chicago! I can no longer use "Arizona is sunny all of the time" as the excuse to my family as to why i won't be moving back to Virginia. And has anyone seen the ginormous mosquitos birthed by this latest waterfall? I wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares of blood sucking beasts. Love what you are doing here and I am glad you are writing!