Monday, November 28, 2005

Do You Have a Minute?

This is going to be another post about my absolutely gorgeous son. But it is also going to include some pics of my equally adorable nephew.

Thanksgiving was at my house this weekend, with the kickoff start of the snow we woke up to on the ground on Thursday morning. I remember my alarm going off, and stumbling downstairs to start the coffee. I looked around at my kitchen, making small mental notes as to what needed to be finished before the weekend feast.

I realized that there were some tools on the kitchen table that needed to be put back in the garage, and decided to take them out. As I looked outside, I had to focus and make my mind believe what my eye was seeing. SNOW! A good two inches! I raced upstairs, recreating the sound of an elephant stampede, raced into the bedroom, and pulled up the blinds. "BONE!" I said "LOOK!" Chris, without even sitting up, said "We got snow, didn't we?" And yes, kids, yes, we did.

Here's the boy, playing in the snow, throwing snowballs and making a snowman. He was in all of his ever-loving glory!

He absolutely could not get enough of the snow. And the hot chocolate with marshmallows that I made sure was waiting for him when he was finished.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, lots of fun and family, and an all-out blast of a snowball fight right before dinner. Chris made snowballs for the kids while they attacked me, my sister, her boyfriend, my mom and dad! We all laughed so hard! It was by far one of the best Thanksgivings we've had in a long time.

The boys had a great time, and Kristofer taught Logan how to play basketball on Playstation2. We all stood in the living room and cheered while my nephew made dunk after dunk and thought he was the coolest thing since Kareem Abdul-Jabar!

I love my two boys. My son and my nephew.

And I love my family.

It was certainly a Happy Thanksgiving.

Look at these faces - would they lie to you?

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Tina said...

Oh they are too cute! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!