Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day Four. Calm. Peace on Earth. And such as.

So the last three days were...interesting. We went to a household of FIVE in 3.4 seconds flat. And the chaos and the testing that accompanies it was just as...interesting.

Chris and I are learning about currency. What works, what doesn't. A certain someone does NOT like to be sent to sit on his bed in a time out. Bang! Found your currency. (For the record, we've had two instances of 'go sit on your bed until you can change your attitude and you are ready to join the family', and one instance of a complete meltdown in Target. Poor Chris. He got the first meltdown!)

Another certain someone has to know what we are doing every second of every day. I've been working with her to just go with the flow. And what I can and cannot tell her about what we may or may not do.

So this family is making it work. I think today was the first time that the little one realized we love him, but we certainly aren't going to put up with his attitude!

And now I must go. We're headed to the library for new cards and some books!


Janett said...

I went back and read several of your posts, and those kids are so lucky to have you! And you to have them. How awesome for all of you to have a new family just in time for Christmas!

CoveredInCrafts said...

Currency is a hard thing to figure out. With DD is kept changing... I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! :D

Rach H said...

Sounds like you found the right way to get your point across. Time out always worked wonders for my brother's behavior as well!

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your new family!!!

~Just B said...

I've got a planner in my house. My oldest is obsessed with what's next? What's next? And after that? I think some people are just made up that way. It's hard to teach them to roll with the punches. Their minds just won't let them do it.