Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bass Ackwards.

Captain Sassy Pants has a problem with wearing his clothes backwards.  It doesn't matter what it is, he will inevitably put something on backwards.  He doesn't care to look at the label.  It's too much work.

Tonight at the dinner table I look over and he has his basketball shorts on backwards.  I could only tell because I could see the pocket.  Unless that kid was trying to store things in the pocket of his tutkus, he had them on backwards.

I sighed, and said "W!  WHY do you have your shorts on backwards?  You're a wreck!"  He just smiles.  I explain for the eleventieth time how he needs to look for the tag.  "And where does the tag go?"  He smiles an says "In FRONT! No, wait.  In BACK!"  It's always 'No, wait.'  I say to him "Child.  You test me.  You exhaust me.  You are a wreck!"  He just grins and laughs.

So we're clearing the table and the kids are heading back outside to play some more (it's the last week of school and I am uber super relaxed about bedtime this week).

W tells dad "I fixed my shorts."

Dad tells W "Good job bud."

W tells dad "Yeah, I didn't want mom to go all 'Boom goes the dynamite' to me!"

HA!  That kid.

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