Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winding Down

We got the kid's birth certificates in the mail and promptly headed off to City Hall to apply for their passports.  They've cashed my check, so hopefully that means the passports are on their way!

In other news - we've decided on a date to move - October 18th!  My last day of work will be October 14th.  We've recruited and hired someone to replace me and she starts tomorrow.  We leave Thursday for the annual family reunion in Illinois and we're all very excited to introduce the kids to the rest of the family!  We'll be back late Monday.

We're having a small going away gathering on the 14th, Wyatt's 8th birthday party on the 15th, the packers come on the 17th and they load on the 18th.  Once that last box/piece is loaded, we're on the road!  We've found a fantastic townhome on the lake in Foster City to rent, and the school system is top-rated.  The kids are excited to be finally all together with daddy again.

As is standard with a Type A personality, I have checklists and timelines of things that need to be done before we leave.  I sometimes wish I could just hire someone to handle all of this; it seems so daunting at times.  But it will get done, no matter what.

Almost home!

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