Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Super Busy!

It's the last week of June.  We're wrapping up this month of busy, busy, busy and heading into the mid-summer!

The kids and I drove Chris's car out to him last Tuesday (easy drive, my kids are SUCH fantastic travelers!), and then stayed Wednesday to find a home.  Yes, one day.  I had been scouring the MLS and working with a RE Agent and had narrowed our search down to 9 homes I wanted to see.

Sidenote: We're renting for now.  Easy peasy in the Vegas area.

Our RE agent met us bright and early Wednesday morning at our first home.  The day continued on with us touring each home, me making notes, us noting how hot it was getting, and then out to eat.  While we were at lunch, Chris and I and the kids reviewed each home and narrowed it down to the four we liked most.  I pulled up my GreatSchools.org app on my iPhone, and we rated the schools in each area.

Our number one choice, which was the second home we saw, had the best ratings for the schools; 10 for the middle school, and 9 for the elementary.  I was beyond excited as the entire family really loved this home.  We called our RE agent and told her the news.  An hour later, we had dropped off our application and fee and waited.

Thursday morning the kids and I decided to head back to SFO earlier than originally planned, to get some stuff done because we were going to Jordan's last softball tournament of the year and it was out of town.  SFO had some weather delays and we sat in the airport from 7:30 until 11:30, and then on the plane until 12:55.  Again, my kids are fantastic travelers!!  We got home, I did some laundry, and we repacked for the weekend.  Chris called to tell me that we got the house, and he was heading to drop off the deposit.  Fantastic news and what a load off of our back!

Friday we got up early, and headed south to Jordan's first game at 10:00.  They won that one, and I left Jordan with one of our softball families and rode back to the airport to get Chris.  Back down to the fields where we got there just in time for the start of her second game.  They unfortunately lost that one, and had to come back on Saturday at 2.

Saturday they also lost.  It was a double elimination tournament, so they were out.  Sad faces all around.  Back to the hotel where the kids hung out with some of their friends, the adults hung out in the lobby/bar, and we had a great time.

Yesterday, Jordan started softball camp.  She LOVED it.  Wyatt had a playdate with a new friend, and watching them play together made me a little sad that we were leaving again.  I know we'll all keep in touch, but still, a little melancholy.

So Jordan has softball camp until Thursday, and then Friday we are OFF to Puerto Vallarta for a much-needed vacation!  Nine glorious days of just us, hanging out, family time.  No obligations, no worries, no stress!  I'm excited and cannot wait.  We come back in time to get a few things done and then the packers and movers come and take our stuff away!!

And now I must finish up laundry and start packing again.  Busy, busy, busy!

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~Just B said...

I'm so fercited for you and your vacay and your new house! Have fun and soak up some of that sun for me.