Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Confessions of a Cheater. Part I.

I have a confession. I have been cheating. For so long now my loyalties have lied with one particular product, and now I have been sucked over to the dark side. Or the light side. Whatever.

I am a coffee junkie. My husband knows it, my friends know it, my family knows it. There's no secret there. And for the longest time, the 'Bux was my supplier.

Until last week. I decided to try the new McD's Iced Coffee. Oh Em Gee people!! It's a great combo of vanilla (or your choice of caramel or hazelnut), milk and coffee, perfectly iced, perfectly roasted, perfectly YUM! And on top of the yum, it's only $2.69. A full $1.00 less than what the 'Bux charges me for what my palate has now decided is burnt coffee. Sigh.

I will probably dip my toe back in the PNW coffee powerhouse during the holidays. Unless of course, my new love decides to foray into the pumpkin spice world. Then it's going to be a cold, hard Christmas.

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