Tuesday, November 23, 2010

16. 9 and 7.

Our rescheduled committee was at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. All weekend and morning, the weathermen kept warning us of impending doom! You know, snow? I cursed and muttered under my breath. And PRAYED that the snow would hold off until our committee was over.

And thankfully, we have a very brave social worker who hitched up the huskies, cracked her whip, and rode her sled to Eugene to represent us.

And who called us at 2:19 to tell us we had been chosen. We. Had. Been. Chosen.

In my head, I say that in an Oprah Winfrey voice. Go ahead and try it, I'll wait.

We called our families, who are very excited. We called our BFF's, they are super excited. And now we've released the news to the world. Chris and I are going to become parents. Together.

We've gone from one to three. Like THAT {snap}.

So I have a 16 year old, that has had Chris as his step-father since he was 5. And now we are going to have a 9 and a 7 year old. Three amazing kids.

We are so very blessed.

Our plan is to start visitation as soon as possible. We meet with our social worker this morning to talk details. We hope to transition over Christmas break. That way they have the opportunity to say goodbye to their friends, finish the school semester, and come home and start making memories.

We are so blessed.

How old are my kids? They're 16, 9 and 7. Thanks for asking!


~Just B said...

I am beyond thrilled for you guys. What a mighty God we serve!

My prayer now is that the transition into your home will be smooth.

Here's to a very special Christmas holiday season this year! Make those memories!!!

tracy said...

I've been following your story and am extremely happy for you!!!!

Congrats and happy holidays!!!

Jolene Hui said...

big hugs! So happy for you two! You are awesome people and you are ALL lucky to have each other......xoxoxo

Lizz said...

Eeek! So exciting! What a wonderful Christmas you'll have!

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

This is AMAZING!!!

A big congrats to you!!!

ps. thanks so much for taking the time to comment for charity! we raised a pretty penny!