Sunday, November 14, 2010

Building a Bed. Or Two.

Chris and I spent the entire day Saturday looking at furniture. We need to outfit two rooms assuming things go our way on the 22nd, and we only have 7 days to do it. We looked at one place, and after figuring it would cost us $2300 to oufit two bedrooms, we decided to keep looking. We want durable, well-built furniture that will last, and still be practical.

My poor husband. I took him all over God's half acre looking at furniture. It was the same story over and over. At least $2,000 to outfit two bedrooms. Two. THOUSAND. Dollars. GAH! Do you know what I could DO with two thousand dollars? I can take those kids on a mighty fine vacation, that's what!

So I like to frequent Knock-Off Wood and drool over her plans. She's SO awesome. And talented. And I'm pretty sure when she speaks, angels sing. I happened to come across her plans for a twin farmhouse bed and said to Chris "we could totally do that." He agreed.

And this morning we set off to Home Depot to get what we needed.

I must call a sidebar here and ask: Isn't Home Depot supposed to be the GIANT of Home Improvement Stores? Ok. Well they had no kiln-dried 4x4 posts or 2x6 boards. You need to buy kiln-dried to ensure that there is no remaining moisture or sap, and that the piece you are making won't warp. So we bought what they had and brought it home. We'll find the rest tomorrow. Thank you counselors, you may return to your seats.

So for about $75 in lumber, this is what we've started on today:

Lumber Pile:

This is the layout of the 1x6 boards for the headboard piece:

This is the almost finished headboard and footboard. Because we couldn't get the 4x4 posts, we have to wait until this week to finish the sides and then start the rails. Honestly, with cutting and assembly, this took us about an hour. And it's our first one, so we were taking our time. What an easy bed so far!

What do you think??

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