Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What We've Been Up To

When we last left the Herren household, Chris and Stina were frantically trying to finish two little beds for two lovey kids.

Well, I'm happy to say we've got one completely done. We ran out of slats for the support of the second one. So Chris has to get more 2x2's today and we'll finish that!

Wanna see it? Alright!

Here's J's bed, assembled with the slats in place. W's will look the same. We bought their mattresses at IKEA, as well as area rugs, a bookshelf and dresser for W, and a set of shelves for J. She already has a dresser. Daddy will put up her shelves hopefully this weekend.

And speaking of this weekend: We're GOING TO GO MEET OUR BABIES!!! The case worker for the kids can't get out to them (they live an hour outside of the city) until Friday due to her schedule, so we talked with the foster parents, and they invited us to come spend the night Saturday and all day Sunday!! We had to decline on Saturday, because our wonderful amazing friends threw together a shower for us! They're calling it a kid-warming (I do love that), and it's this Saturday at 5. So early Sunday morning, Chris and I are getting up and making the three hour trek to go meet our kids. We'll go to church with them, hang out, see how their routine is, and basically get to know each other. We've been invited to stay all day and have dinner with them as well. I'm so glad we have a good relationship with the foster parents!

So the entire week this week after work will be spent on preparing the rooms. I found these AWESOME guitar hooks at Bed, Bath & Beyond that I am going to acquire for W's room (his room is decorated in Rock Star style!) and I want to get J a jewelry box of some sort.

So much to do, so little time.

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