Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please Review.

Those are the two words that my attorney put in his email this afternoon.  Please review.  He also said, and I quote:

"Have fun.  You have to mail the originals back to me, then I'll send them to Eugene & request a hearing date, OK?  I'll coordinate all the way through to getting your birth certificates, but you have to go get the social security information changed after that.  Heh."

Heh?  WTF?  Heh?  OH!  Cause he's talking about me having to deal with SS.  Heh.  

We are thisclose to being able to post pictures and introduce the world to our new littles.

As I was reviewing the paperwork, J came in crying about some tween angst.  She's fighting with her BFF.  *sigh*  I told her to go back out there and figure it out, that life was too short.  I got the eyeroll, which loosely translated means 'like you have ANY clue what the heck I'm going through right now, moooooooooom.'  Depending on the day, my name either has one or eleventy syllables.  Good times.

So the good news is that we are inching towards the finish line.  I feel like those people who race in a triathlon and are totally not prepared and have to literally crawl across the finish line because their legs are all 'right.  Not anymore' and their bodies are all 'kiss my ass with your 26.2 after the swim and the bike, jackass'.  It's THERE, that finish line, I can see it.  I just can't get my legs to cooperate.

In other news - my husband is coming home early this week!  Yay!!

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