Monday, August 01, 2011

A Letter to my kids...

Dear W & J:

Today I took you to sleep away camp.  We packed your clothes, loaded up the truck, and away we went.  We stopped for gas, drinks and snacks, because we had an hour drive to make.  We sang songs and we were silly the whole way.

When we pulled into camp, you were both so excited!  We unloaded the car and headed to registration.  Along the way, every counselor welcomed you to camp.

After handing in the paperwork, and getting your cabin assignments, we were on our way.  J, we took you to your cabin first, and I helped you unpack your sleeping bag and pillow, and set up your bunk.  I met your counselor, and took a couple of photos.  You were so confident standing outside that cabin.  I was so proud of you.  I hugged you tight and told you how much fun you would have.  I reassured you that you would make TONS of friends, and that you were a great girl, so it wouldn't be hard.  I talked to your counselor about how happy I was that you had this opportunity.  You hugged your brother and I again, and we left you to get settled in.

After we left J, W and I made our way to his cabin.  He skipped down the trail, so excited about finding out where he was staying.  We came up to your cabin, W, and you picked out your bunk: top!  We unpacked your sleeping bag and pillow, and carefully placed your clothes on your shelves.  You went outside to make your bunk tag with your name on it.  I talked to your counselor about what a wonderful little boy you are, and I went outside to check on you and get a picture.  You hugged me tight, almost not wanting to let go.  I told you how much fun you would have, and how daddy and I would be there on Saturday to pick you up.  You hugged me even tighter.

I left quickly, trying hard not to cry at the fact that I was leaving my little ones for the first time.  I looked back down the trail at you, and your little head was down, working hard on your bunk tag.  I am so proud of you.

I drove home with moments of sadness, missing you both already.  I've had to fight back tears a couple of times today, missing you SO much, yet knowing you are making memories that will last a lifetime.

I love you both so very much, and I am so happy that you have this amazing opportunity.

Can I call out sick this week and join you?


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Michelle said...

Stina, how awesome to write to your kids about your feelings so they can see how mcuh you love them at a later date. Congrats hon!