Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do Not Be Fooled. The Paperwork Still Comes. And about our weekend.

Our Gotcha Day was almost two weeks ago and still, I deal with paperwork.  Granted, this is the good stuff - getting the kids new social security cards, getting the new birth certificates, and finally, getting passports!!  Have I mentioned that we've already booked our Mexico vacation in December?  A combination 40th birthday fiestabration for me and a celebration of our family completion. 

We took a short trip to San Francisco last weekend.  Drove to Seattle, flew on Virgin to San Francisco on Thursday.  Had dinner, took the kids swimming at the hotel, and then out!  Friday we did the touristy thing and took the BART to the Embarcadero.  Visited Pier 39 and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.  Wandered through Fisherman's Wharf.  Took a cab to Ghirardelli Square (they don't give tours anymore!).  Then a trolley back to the BART and back to the hotel.  The kids went swimming, and then we decided to walk over to Kincaids for a fabulous dinner.

Saturday we grabbed some breakfast and headed out to scope out some houses.  Found a few that we liked up in Hayward Hills.  Beautiful sweeping Canyon Views.  Hopefully this house here sells SOONER rather than LATER.  I just want to get down and get settled.  At noon we went over to VX HQ and attended the company WOWBQ with Chris.  The kids had a great time and all of his coworkers were amazingly nice.  Later on, back to the hotel, took the kids swimming (are we seeing a pattern here?) and then early to bed. 

Sunday we had to get up early, eat some breakfast, and head to the airport.  Quick flight to Seattle.  Had to sell a kidney to pay for parking, and then on to Tacoma where I met a couple of girlfriends for lunch!  Yum!  We got home around 4, tired, HOT (it was 89 in the house, yipes!) and just wanting to chill. 

Yesterday it was back to the routine.  Two more weeks until school starts.  The kids didn't get back into the school they were in last year, so they have to go to our neighborhood school.  No biggie, and actually it works out better with my work schedule. 

Tonight - The Help with my BFF while her hubby watches The Heathens.  And for that, I thank him.  *wink*

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