Monday, May 07, 2012

Super Proud Mama!

Jordan is in our local softball league.  She plays first base primarily, with her backup position being catcher.  It's her first year really playing, and she's doing exceptionally well.  Her team just took the playoffs and has been sent on to the championships.

Due to all of the rain we had at the beginning of the season, the girls had a lot of makeup games to play, and the playoffs and the championship games were all pushed forward.  I did not know the final dates until about three weeks ago, and because of this last-minute decision, had to cancel on attending my cousin's wedding in NYC this weekend.  I'm sad about that, but I'm attending my daughter's first championship game.  It's caused some hurt feelings, and for that I'm sorry, but as a parent, you do what you have to do.  It's just too bad that those without children can't understand that our children's schedules do not fall into neat little rows all of the time.

Moving on, this Sunday Jordan also tried out for the Travel Ball Tournament Team.  We're breathlessly awaiting the results.  23 girls tried out, and I know that there were a couple of more that had asked for accommodations due to a soccer tournament, and they only take max 15 for the roster!  It's nail-biting, especially since you could tell that the girls who went out gave it their all and really wanted it! 

Wyatt's soccer team is plugging along.  They haven't won a game yet, but they did tie one!  Poor guys!  I feel bad for them, they just play their little hearts out.

It's hot today, and my kids will be walking in the door any minute.  They've been riding their bikes back and forth to school, saving me gas and time.  I bought them little mango and cream fruit bars from Trader Joe's as an after-school snack.  They'll love me for it!!

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