Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And it's only 9:30

A little peek into how my mornings generally go:

6:30 - alarm goes off, but I need time to 'wake up', so I lay in bed, watch morning news, and check my email and Facebook.

7:00 - go wake the kids up, head downstairs, get their breakfast going.  Make lunches.  I make their lunches every day.  I let Wyatt put some money in the hot lunch account this year, grudgingly, because those lunches are just, blech!, but I make their lunches.  Today it was hot ramen, carrots, fruit and veggie strips (100% no preservatives), a fruit cup, and an Honest Kids drink pouch.  I usually send water bottles with them, but I had an extra box of juice pouches from when we were snack parents.

7:30 - get the kids out the door - they have been riding their bikes to school, so they head up and move out!

7:40 - make coffee, watch morning news, or watch a DVR show or two.

But today, it went like this:

Make coffee (I have a Keurig).  Throw laundry that I started this morning into dryer, add another load to washer.  Decide to scoop litter box.  Break out vacuum to clean up litter all over the place from the cats kicking it around.  Look around and decide to vacuum the downstairs.  Vacuum the kitchen (I don't sweep, it's extraneous).  Decide to vacuum the couch.  Put the vacuum away.  Clean the table.  Clean the kitchen counters.  Look over and see that your coffee that you made 45 minutes ago is still sitting there.  Laugh.

Isn't it funny how we just decide to 'do one thing really quick' and it turns into an hour of chores?

Such is the life of a mom!


~Just B said...

But don't you feel like a rock star? I do. And I should totally follow your lead today. Or tomorrow.

Tammy said...

Can sooo relate (except, i dont do mornings- thats about to stop in about 3 weeks tho!) :)