Monday, May 19, 2008

Cold Stone: Creamery of the gods; and OMG! DH!!

I've been pretty disciplined for the last five months with my diet and exercise. And it's paid off. I've lost some weight, but mostly toned up in places where I was getting a bit "jiggly".

This weekend was HOT. Like playing shadow tag with 100 degrees hot. We had a busy weekend, with cueing, playing golf, hanging out, and doing yardwork. So on Sunday night the Hub and I decided to head to Cold Stone for a date.

Walking into Cold Stone Creamery you are instantly transported to heaven. The smells, the mix-ins, the possibilities! They are endless. So he grabbed a Peanut Butter Cup sensation and I had the Coffee Lovers Delight. Or whatever they're called.

I woke up this morning .8 pounds heavier. No more for me!!


Did you WATCH the season finale of Desperate Housewives last night? I. Was. On. The. Floor!! Warning - possible spoilers ahead:

SUSAN! Dear GAWD get it together and STICK WITH ONE MAN.
Gaby: Honey. Just because you have kids doesn't mean you get to let yourself go.
Bree: Get some girl!
Lynette: Wow. You need to get it together and get your boys some serious help. Shielding them from the law after the fire, not so much a good idea.
Katherine: You actually endeared yourself to me tonight.

Speaking of Season Finale's - what about CSI? Holy craptastic batman! I did NOT see that coming.

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