Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Merrily We Go Round

Two days into my new job, my assistant decides to tell me she is interviewing for the state of Oregon. This makes complete sense to me, and let me tell you why. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from OSU, with a degree in Economics. And here she sits, making slave wage, being my assistant. I've got to hand it to the girl, she needs to use that head of hers. So she is.

She just walked in here, and told me she got the job. I was the first person she told, but **shhh** don't tell her husband. She wanted to call her mom after she told me, but I advised her to call her hubby first. She came back in blushing and thanked me for the good advice, because he really appreciated the first call.

I said first call. She didn't call me, she walked over and told me. So he was the first call. Stop looking at me like that.

So now I have to recruit, interview and hire another assistant. In 11 days. Oh, she's giving me until the 28th, but see, I am going to be on a little vacation from the 21st to the 28th. So with the holiday, that takes about 6 interview days out of the equation. And besides, I want to hire someone soon so she can train them. And then there's the little matter of moving some people around, because I want the new person to be at the front desk. It's beyond stressful.

I know, I know, I bought, closed, and moved into a house in 12 days when we lived in CT. A-ha you say? Yes, but that's ALL I did for those 12 days: inspections, appraisals, attorneys. It consumed my day.

So here I go - getting ready to write an ad for a new Executive Assistant. Wish me luck!

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