Tuesday, May 06, 2008

*Cough, Cough* Clearing Out the Cobwebs

OK! I know! I haven't been here in AGES. I'm pretty sure that if this blog were a bar, there would be a little guy in the corner with a beer who died three months ago. It's bad.

Here's the thing. I cannot believe it's May. And not only May, but May 6th already!

So let's recap. I visited in February to let you all know about my fantasmic job offer. Well, let me tell you about that job. Not so much. They were leveraging their receivables to pay payables and that's never a good idea, know what I mean (and I think you do)? Besides that, they have an antiquated accounting system that still runs in a DOS-based program, and they had just gotten the General Journal program installed and were working out the bugs. As they say in my favorite country, no est a bien.

So they hired a Controller, and I took my leave. Which is fine. One door closes and all that. So I promptly started at a non-profit organization. I don't get to wear jeans every day, but the perks definitely outweigh the bad in this one. I love my job, I like the people, my boss is super laid back. He's younger, which I think is important in today's day and age as we need to keep the finger on the pulse of employee appreciation. Since I've started, we had our Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day, I scheduled a Cinco de Mayo luncheon for everyone yesterday, and I'm working on implementing a summer hours schedule.

Much to my amazement, this new brand of stress reduction has really shown through in my personal life. I'm not as edgy, my bowling scores have improved (I bowled a 600 series this season!), and I'm losing weight. And feeling great.

So with this new brand of stress reduction in my life, I am going to try really hard to blog at least once a week. Bear with me dear reader, I'm navigating yet another new course.

Besides, we're looking for a house to buy right now. That should be enough blog fodder for a while, agreed?

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