Monday, April 25, 2005

Captain Save-A-Ho

There is an underground superhero that most people don't know about. He is suave (or so he thinks), cool (like the other side of the pillow) and sweet. He loves the ladies and the ladies love him.

He is...

Captain Save-A-Ho.

I have only heard this expression twice in my life and both times were from two people who crack my shit up on a consistent basis. They know who they are.

Anyway, Captain Save-A-Ho likes the ladies. He likes to be with the ladies. He likes the ladies to adore him, cause, well, he saves the Ho's. And I mean the word 'Ho' in a good way. Like a generalism for women who like to be saved, anyway.

Captain Save-A-Ho's weakness is this: He thinks he's a player, but in all actuality, he's really not. The boy has about as much game as halftime at an NCAA tournament. He's obvious, obnoxious, and for crying out loud, let me introduce you to 24 Hour Fitness, cause the last time I checked, only pregnant women should have a gut like that. And while you are at it, let's do some manscaping. Let me introduce you to Mr. Tweezer and Miss Conditioner. And for all that is holy, would you mind washing out the old gel before inserting the new? You look like FogHorn Leghorn with that cock-a-doodle mohawk going on.

Alas, tho, Captain Save-A-Ho has redeeming qualities. He's nice, he's generous, and he will make the woman he is with at the time feel like she is the only woman in the world.

Well, at least until the next Ho walks by.

Look - up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's........

Ah - you get it.


Tina said...

you're killing me!

faerielicious1 said...

*snork* i can so see that being marketed by howard stern! LOL! you crack my shit up jerz!

Cherry Moon said...

OmG!! LMAO! I have a few ho-ish female acquaintences that need some saving right about now.

Dacia said...

omg - Little did I know but I have MET Cpt. Save-a-ho!!

As for my non-ho self, I was clearly not interested, yo. hehehe