Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Terrible Friend

I am a terrible friend. Even before I moved 350 miles away, I was bad at keeping in contact with friends. Really bad. Now that I am 350 miles away, it's gotten worse.

My friend, Rika, who has forayed from the world of higher education to the world of higher caffeine, has weird hours. She works at a coffee house for cripes sake, so she has to be up at like 2 in the morning. I remember when she and I used to go out party and not go to BED until 2 in the morning. And that was if there was no after-party. Now we're in our 30's, and responsible, and we go to bed at reasonable hours. However, her schedule and my schedule have clashed so much lately that she is going to bed while I am getting unchained from my desk.

We miss each other.

The nice thing about it though, and about pretty much all of my relationships with my friends, is that we all understand that we are ALL busy. Very busy. And if we don't talk for a week, a month, hell, a YEAR, we can pick up the phone and pick right back up where we started.

Pictures With Friends

*Whoa! Two posts in one day!*

OK - I was looking at my wedding pictures the other day (cause I do that. A Lot.) and realized that I don't have any updated pics of me and my girls! Agh! How can that be? Maybe because we're so darn busy. (See post above)

So here's a couple for you. Hope they don't mind! And for clarification, I am in white.

Me and the Girls

The reason I am so happy....


Bitchy Chick said...

Shoot girl, you know you totally rock!

Now turn on anonymous comments so I don't have to put my moldy OLD blog info in here!! heheheh

Stina said...

Just cause I am such a good friend, I turned on anonymous comments!

Dac said...


It's the little things, ya know?!

Tina said...

Wow, those pics bring back some memories!