Thursday, April 21, 2005

Whatever Happened to Just Crazy?

**WARNING** Extremely snarky and/or controversial and/or offending post ahead. Proceed with caution.

Remember the days when we wouldn't have to put warnings on stuff? I am reminded of the time the lady that spilled hot McDonald's coffee on her lap sued them because there was no warning on the cup that it was hot. I shook my head and chalked it up to stupid. I mean really, who doesn't know that coffee is HOT? And lately, the prescription drug ads have this former auctioneer at the end rattling off the possible side effects of said drug. It goes something like this: Warning: extended use of medication may cause drowsiness, sleeplessness, constipation, diarrhea, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and death. Wha?

The latest round of crazy people have decided to sue the fast food companies for making them fat. Oh - right! Because every time I go to a fast food restaurant, they open my mouth forcefully and jam those fats and carbs and calories down my throat. Ummm...NO! I am fully aware of the consequences of the McGriddle Sandwich. I know that my ever-expanding ass is the result of too many Pepsi's and KFC mashed potato's and not enough exercising. I also know that I have no one to blame but myself for the actions I take that result in the consequences I get that are my life.

So this morning when the radio alarm went off, I rolled over and instead of hitting snooze, started listening to what the DJ's were talking about. They were talking about whether or not you as a listening audience would report someone that you saw shoplifting to the store manager. I am thinking "Hell ya, I would!" Well, this rocket-scientist slash brain surgeon calls in and says "What about kleptomaniacs? They can't help themselves. You would rat them out? Maybe you should just mind your own business and leave them alone." And the DJ, who I could tell was taken aback AND pissed off at the same time, says "Are you kidding me? Maybe if they get caught, they would get the help they need?" Rocket-scientist disagreed, repeating herself, "They can't help it."

To quote Chris Rock "Whatever happened to just crazy?"

So what she is saying is that Serial Sex Offenders can't help themselves, so we just let them go on about their business? Well, call Michael Jackson's attorney and tell him that Mikey is free! Let him go on doing what he's doing, cause he can't help himself! Boy won't the County of Los Angeles and mothers of boys EVERYWHERE be happy?

Why are we, as a society, so quick to throw a new drug at someone, rather than finding a cure for what ails them? I admit, I am one of those hesitant ones who do not believe that medication is the key. I have to be hurting pretty bad to take ANY medication. I was passing kidney stones one weekend and refused to take the Vicodin the doc gave me. Not only that, but I went to Rocky Point for the weekend, strainer and all.

If it were up to me, NO ONE would be medicated so easily. Oh sure, I believe in imbalances in brain chemicals - but dammit, what is the CAUSE? Like I always say, the money is in the treatment, not the cure. I am also not talking about those who have grave illnesses, like cancer and leukemia. I am speaking about women and men who tell their doctor that they just aren't feeling good so the doc throws a med at them. When I don't feel good, I go on vacation! And damn if I don't feel like a champ when I get back. Depressed because your neighbor's lawn looks better than yours? Take this drug! Upset because the laundry isn't dry yet? Take this one! Oh - and if you really feel bad because you don't have the capacity to deal with life and would rather blame everyone around you - I'll give you two to take!

I have a good friend who's father sexually abused her and her sister. She does NOT use it as a crutch, she does NOT take medication for it. She built a bridge and GOT OVER IT. She is one of my heros.

Ever watch the Discovery Channel? Ever watch when they go deep into the Amazon and find a tribe that has been living, happily and drug free, for years and years? Ever wonder WHY?

Oh sure, we can blame pollutants, and preservatives, and radio waves, and, and, and...

But when is the time for us to take up the responsibility of our own actions? When?


faerielicious1 said...

*clap, clap, clap*

Silent-Goddess said...

I agree with you 100%!

Tina said...

Hallalujah sista!! Speak those words and spank those butts!! That's my girl! Meds? Who needs them?? I had two kids and the only thing I got was a Tylenol after.

Dee said...

Amen, Hon!