Monday, April 11, 2005

Taking Care of Business

Exhaustion. Fatigue. Frustration.

I love my job, but I can come home every night feeling one of those many emotions. There is so much on my plate, sometimes I feel - overwhelmed.

I came home tonight and finished off a bottle of
Two Buck Chuck by myself. See, the Hub is in Dallas, attending one of the many weeks of MIT2 training he has to attend. So besides the cell phone counseling, I have, well, a big empty bed.

Yesterday I had lunch with some friends. Then I went to a movie with one of those friends. She's a single mom and we are so alike, it's scary. I remember the point in my life when I was where she is at. The things I did, the attitude I had towards relationships, and life in general. I respect and admire her, because she IS where I WAS, not so long ago. I see her point of view and I can relate. And for that, I am grateful. She personifies a lot of the things that I see as admirable in a person, and for that, I love her.

And I have only known her for a short time.

She takes care of business. She handles her single motherhood with a responsible attitude. Yet, she still has a great time. She takes care of business.

I wish only the best for her. And she knows who she is.


rikapopika said...

One of the reasons I admire you most is your ability to "take care of business". It haS ALWAYS IMPRESSED ME. No matter what is served your way you always seem to be able to catch it or volley it back and win the match.

Spunky said...

ahh...shit I wish I could have come along too!! Glad you girls had fun and yah, doesn't she just ROCK??