Monday, June 09, 2008

Why Am I Paying Rent?

Since May 21, the Coyote and her Den have actually slept in their home a total of 6 nights. In three weeks. The remaining nights have been spent in far-away exotic places. Well, ok, not necessarily exotic (or far away for that matter), but certainly NOT in my own bed. First there was the va-kay to Cabo, which I know, I can't complain about. Then the trip to Phoenix for the boy's graduation ceremony. I know, again, I can't complain.

This past weekend, we took a trip to Denver so the boys could attend Fan Fair at Mile High. For those of you who don't speak football, it's an annual fair put on by the Denver Broncos wherein millions and millions (ok, maybe not millions, but it looked and felt like it) of fans can see and speak to present and past players. There are autograph and photo opportunities, merchandise out the wa-hoo, and the ever popular, Punt, Pass and Kick competition. For kids and adults. Although besides the obvious age advantage, I'm not so sure they needed to distinguish between "kids" and "adults". Have you ever seen what happens to perfectly mature men when they get to stand on the same turf as their football heros? I promise you, there's no "adult" mentality going on there!

Such is the story of what my two boys got to do this weekend. They are both very big Bronco fans. So my younger boy got to participate in the PP&K competition. As his very proud mama watched from the stands, my boy threw a PERFECT spiral. Long, and lean. And trust me, I'm not just biased. People all around me were marveling at the arm on that kid. Especially since he weighs about 97 pounds soaking wet. He's long and lean! And has an arm! Who would have thought that PSP, PS3 and Nintendo would do that to a boy?

Then my older boy (aka the Hub)got to take the field for a Field Goal. Oh the look in his eye as he stepped onto Mile High Turf. He stood back, kicked, and into the stands it went! He could have dropped back at least another ten yards and he would have been good. I was cheering like it was the Superbowl winning kick! Point being, my husband kicked a field goal at Mile High Stadium. Not many people can actually say that.

Yesterday we toured the Celestial Seasonings and Coors factories. No, they aren't neighbors. They aren't even in the same town. Although, that would be sort of funny. In my own twisted course of thought. You know.

So a tired Family came home late last night and the Coyote and her Field Goal kicking Superstar husband had to work today. My lucky little man is at home, relaxing.

I need some sleep. In my own bed. For more than three nights in a row. *wink*

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