Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's Why I Shave My Legs

Ahhh. Spring. The time of the year when the birds chirp, the flowers bloom, and the razors are blazing! If you are a man reading this, DON'T read on. It may scar you for life.

Women - are ya with me? We only shave on a consistent basis, when it's warm and we're going to be wearing skirts, dresses, shorts and capris. It's true. Admit it and feel the load lift.

So this morning I decided to wear a dress to work, so I shaved in the shower. I got out and was getting ready and my baby girl kitty came in, as she always does in the mornings, to let me know what she had planned for the day. She likes to come in and mouth to me, she's so talkative. She tells me all about how she plans on taking a nap, eating, taking a nap, getting some water, taking a nap, chasing her brother around the house, and then taking a nap. She has a hard life I tell ya.

So this morning as she is telling me her nap schedule, she's winding herself in a figure eight in between my legs. Nothing feels better than soft kitty fur winding itself between freshly shaven legs. NOTHING. It's soft. It's highly-sensitive, because there's perfect fur to skin contact, and it's one of the joys of owning a cat. She's precious.

Except at 5 in the morning when she jumps up on my chest purring at me because she thinks it's time to get up. Then she's a punk.

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