Saturday, March 12, 2005

Boys Are Always 12

I am a Newlyweds junkie. I love Jessica Simpson and Nick Lache, and I don't care what the rag mags say about them, I think they are a cute couple. She's ditzy enough, but not annoyingly, and he is, well, hot. And he reminds me of my husband, though I never knew why until last night.

Hub and I were sitting on the couch catching up on our DVR'd TV shows.

*Side note - DVR/TIVO is the best invention since, well, microwaves. I believe it, that settles it.*

So we get to Newlyweds, and I start the show. In this particular episode, Jess (yes, we're tight, I call her Jess) is off filming Dukes of Hazzard. So Nick decides to take some of his best guy friends to Cabo for a nice guys weekend. They rent a house only you and I could DREAM of living in, and they decide to have a guys night. They barbecue, and drink beer. And then they decide to shave mohawks in two of their friends' hair. The Hub is beside me laughing his ass off. Why? Because he can relate. So when they say what happens in Mexico, this is IT? No strippers, no dirty little secrets? Just a bunch of men, drinking beer and receiving mohawks? I am interested, so I pay a little closer attention.

The next day the boys decide to go Marlin fishing. Marlin fishing is to Cabo what gambling is to Vegas. (The Hub and I have been there a few times, so we know.) So they head out on the boat, beers and bagels, and proceed to try to fish. Problem is, there isn't really any good fishing, so they get bored quickly. For those of you with sons, does this sound familiar??

What do they decide to do? Go out to that little platform at the front of the boat, and see if they can get dunked. See, apparently, if you stand on the edge of this thing, eventually the momentum from the waves will dunk you pretty well. I had no idea of this, until the Hub told me what they were doing. He knew, right away. And let me tell you, he was laughing his ass off about it. I don't mean just chuckling. When the guy finally got soaked by the waves, Hub was in full-blown arrest. He whooped and hollered, and cheered the guy on! I think if Nick had invited my Hub to cabo, he would have been there right along with them.

Getting a mohawk, and getting dunked.

Proof positive that boys may age, but they never grow up. They are 12 forever.


Cherry Moon said...

Ha!! Men. At least yours is chuckling and laughing to Nick Lachey while mine is insanely LOL over the show "Wild Boyz"

I can't stand those guys on that show. I can't stand the fact that Manny thinks they're funny.

But then again, I think that Martha Stewart is a HOOT!

Bitchy Chick said...

I would leave a comment but whatever I had to say would only confirm that I actually do like when I flip through the channel guide and see that Newlyweds is on, because I actually like to watch that show. At least, that's what you would think, you know, *IF* I left my comment. ;-)