Thursday, March 17, 2005

I Almost Licked the Handle

Remember that VW commercial where the guy is at the dealership, and he's on the phone with his significant other, and they have ONE Jetta left in apparently the color she wants? Then this other couple starts to come out of the dealership and they have the keys to test drive THAT Jetta? He bends over and licks the handle. Funniest commercial I have ever seen VW make.

Fast forward to about a week and a half ago. I have been driving a 2002 Galactic Blue Jetta TDI (that's Turbo Diesel) for the last three years. I loved that Jetta. Sunroof, leather heated seats. And a bit of pep in it's step. I have to say I am a loyal VW customer. They make a good car. A tank. A rock.

Then I started noticing some new Jetta commercials. I heard rumors that they were changing the body style, not making them anymore, etc. I mosied on over to this website:
New Jetta

Sarah Jessica Parker would you get a load of THAT? Look at that sleek body style, that longer frame. What's this? Automatic RAIN SENSORS? Very cool. So I dropped it on The Hub. He likey. I likey. We wait for the release.

This was my life yesterday: We had server issues at work, I lost half my timesheet data for my hourly employees, and I am stressed to the max because payroll is this week. I got in at 7 and didn't leave (with no lunch) until 6. I called The Hub on the way home. Here's how the convo went:

Me: Hi Honey.
The Hub: Are you coming home today?
Me: Ha. Funny. Yes, I am on my way.
The Hub: Good, let's go look at the New Jetta's.
Me: No.
The Hub: What??
Me: I'm exhausted and not in the mood.
The Hub: OK

I get home. The Hub suggests we go get a bite to eat. I say ok. Then he drops it on me that we are going to run by the VW dealership on the way, to talk to Jamie. Jamie? You KNOW someone over there? He grins. You see, he's already talked to Jamie, and they are buds.

We get to the dealership. I sit in the New Jetta and fall in lust. Not fair. We test drive the New Jetta. I fall in love. So not fair. Then I see someone looking at MY JETTA. And then Jamie tells us that since they only have 2 left (yeah, 2! Of the 10 they ordered and had on Saturday!) that they are only selling ONE because they have to have something for other customers to look at. Why is it we always want something more when someone else wants it??

Make a not so long story shorter, I have said New Jetta sitting in my parking lot as we speak. It's grey. Oh - wait. It's Platinum Grey. And it's loaded. And I mean loaded. It's even got XM Sattelite Radio. Oh - and rain sensors.

And I didn't even have to lick the handle.


Tina said...

You know the funny thing? I CAN see you licking the handle! haha

Bitchy Chick said...

I usually don't like commercials but that one used to crack me up. Love it. And I can see you licking it, too. HA!

PS - Blogger comments are sucking (again) today.

Spunky said...

WOO HOO! New cars rock...

dingobait said...

luuuucky. is your husband for rent?

*** hunzer *** said...

I sooooo would have licked the handle anyways.

Have fun with your new car!

Cherry Moon said...

***slurrrrp!*** Yeah... that would have been me.

BTW: My blog is back up!!! Here's the link and the button... snag it!