Friday, March 11, 2005

Private School or Bust

I went to private school. From the fourth grade until I graduated. My parents scrimped and struggled, but I was able to be given a private school education. I never realized how much that education meant until today.

I have made a decision. My child/future children will go to either a charter or private school if I have to strip to earn the money. I mean of course, strip and wax floors. And that sort of thing.

How did I come to such a remarkable decision? I had lunch today. At a sandwich shop that shall remain nameless *coughcoughBlimpiecoughcough*. I ordered what I always get - a hot Pastrami sandwich on Italian bread. Mayo, mustard, swiss cheese. Easy right?? Well, the sandwich part was anyway.

Then I get to the checkout. Said sandwich shop has a punch card system where you buy 7 subs and your 8th is free. Which isn't so bad a deal. So I get to the checkout and the boy behind the counter, who just made my sandwich, says "What did you have?" I look around slowly, as if not believing that he was asking me, and say "Hot Pastrami, on Italian, with cheese. And make it a combo, but upsize my drink." You would have thought I asked for his kidney. He looked at me, looked at the register, and looked back at me. I handed him my punch card, and proceeded to pull a $20 out of my purse. The total came to $6.89. As it always does. He looks at my punch card, which I still have one more punch before the freebie, and takes the cost of my sandwich off the total.

I realize at this point, that it's about to get hairy, so I say to him "No, I just wanted the punch for the sub, I don't get a free one yet." He looks at the punch card. He looks at me. I guess this time I asked for his liver. He then hits the total button, and the total is $2.20. OK, did I, or did I not just tell him that he shouldn't have taken the sub off? I said "Do you want to re-ring me, or add the sub back on?" He looks at the punch card, looks at me. "No," he says "It's alright."


So I hand him my $20 bill. Here's where it gets really fun. Note that the total on the register is now $2.20. He puts in $0.20, thinking he put in $20. So now the register says $2.00. Oh I bet you can tell where this is going. He then looks at me, looks at the $20, and says, and I am NOT making this up, "You owe $2."


I said, very calmly, because it is now that I realize he cannot help himself, "I gave you a $20, the bill was $2.20. You owe me $17.80. You typed in 20 cents instead of $20 and now that is why it says $2."

"Oh." He says.

And types in $20. Oh yeah, he sure does. So now he gives me back $18 change. Yup. Not only did I get a $2 meal from that sandwich store, but I got my drink upgraded, and I got some afternoon entertainment as well.

Private school or bust. If I have to live in a homeless shelter and sell chiclets in Tijuana. Private school.

Private school.

Or bust.


Tina said...

OH MY GAWED!!!! That is pretty sad but here's one for you. I was buying me and the kiddos some subs at uhsubwayyougotit. Well, they used to do the stamps so I asked BEFORE I placed the order if I could use it on the 6"sub and they said yes..that one was free. Well come time to ring up...the register person said no, I couldn't use it! I said..WHAT?! he just told me that I could, and now that I ordered you say I can't?! She looks at me and said.."that's right". I said "hope you enjoy my subs" and walked out! Couldn't freakin believe. They are allowed to LIE to your face!! I used to go there at least 1 a week.

eb said...

That kid must have lots of relatives, coz that happens to me a lot as well!!!