Monday, March 28, 2005


Why is it that no matter how old you are, once you walk through the gates of Disneyland and set your eyes on Main Street, and get that view of Cindy's Castle, your heart becomes, well, happy? Is it true that we, even as adults, need an escape?

We took the Boy to Disneyland this weekend. It was part of his birthday/Easter/Passover present. I like to tell myself that I do it to watch the joy on his face, but honestly, who am I kidding? There is nothing like a good old fashioned ride on the Matterhorn. Or splashing down into the world of the Pirates of the Carribbean!

So we get to the park at 7:30 a.m. and we stand in line waiting to get in. The gates opened promptly at 8:00. Our first stop was to get the Boy some pics and autographs, and that is precisely what we did. Four in a row. Like lightning. And we didn't have to wait for the best one of all, the King himself, Mr. M. Mouse. That's Mickey to you and me.

So we waited in lines and bumped into people, and generally had a really good time. With 98,000 other people. On Easter/Spring Break weekend.

What were we thinking?

Well, we weren't. But they don't call this the Happiest Place on Earth for nothing! So off we went. First stop: Buzz Lightyear, the Ride. And three minutes into it, it breaks down. Completely. Twenty minutes later, they let us off. Seriously folks, on the busiest day of the Spring, you can't get your newest ride to work? Oy! Give me the good old standby - I'm headed to the Matterhorn!

So we did that, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Autopia, Innoventions, Star Tours, Indiana Jones, and of course, Pirates of the Carribbean. Only no Johnny Depp, which I thought was a rip off. I mean, really, folks.

Innoventions was fun, as the boy got to be on a "Game Show" which basically turned into a giant Disney, Inc. commercial. They were plugging TiVo, and ABC, and of course, a lot of recent Disney movies, such as Miracle. Funny how that works.

We then went to Downtown Disney. We shopped, and ate at the Rainforest Cafe. And told the waitress it was the Boy's birthday so we could score him a free sundae, and embarass him with the loud clapping and yelling, of which I was a major contributor.

At about 6:30 p.m., we piled in the tram to head back to our $10 parking space to drive home. We made it up in an hour and fifteen, and made it home in an hour and a half. Not that the Boy would know, he was out before we put it in drive.

And so was his mommy.

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Bitchy Chick said...

Sounds like it was a blast!!