Friday, March 25, 2005

Ten More Things I Love About You

I got ten more for you - here ya go:

11. I love hip-hop/dance music. My new fave stations on
XM Radio are
KissXM and BPM. **Side note - have you gotten XM yet? OMG! Get IT!. End side note**

12. I enjoy old school video games. Like Frogger, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man and Tetris. You can keep Vice City and Devil May Cry, really.

13. I travel. A Lot. The Hub works for a major airline and well, we get some fantastic bene's.

14. I collect shot glasses from every city the Hub and I have visited TOGETHER. That's the rule, it has to be together.

15. To relax, I read, write, or scrapbook. I need to be creating to be relaxed, but creating under my own pressure, not under anyone else's.

16. There is nothing like a great cup of coffee in the morning, or a soothing cup of green tea before bedtime.

17. I will not take prescription drugs if I don't have to. I like natural remedies, and will often "work out" a migraine via aromatherapy (spearmint and eucalyptus do wonders). I believe most of our healing is mental anyway.

18. My favorite snacks are oranges.

19. My favorite color is blue.

20. The person I know that lives the farthest away is one of the greatest friends I have and she became one in a very short time. Love and miss you Amanda!

That's it for now. Stay tuned.

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Bitchy Chick said...

Atari frickin ruled back in the day. You forgot Astroid, and Ka-BOOM.

Did you ever play Ka-Boom? Some dude dropping bombs and you had to scramble around to catch them. Beef up the graphics and today they could call it Good Morning Iraq. Hmmmmm.